Welcome to your %Aromatherapy Test. This course is free and you can request materials to write this test through whatsapp. However the certifocate comes at N10 000%

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Aromatherapy massage – is massage therapy using essential oils, True or False?understanding aromatherapy massage and oils if they are related
Aromatherapy Massage is based on a Swedish application True or False ?is the above statement true?
Aromatherapy Hand movements are ?how does the massage therapist move her/his hands ?
Aromatherapy promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement. True pr False ?The above statement represents the benefits of Aromatherapy massage ?
3 popular Essential oils are? the othwe options are mixed with an essential oil and non essential oilspick essential oils you all 3 must be correct

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