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Is this statement about Deep tissue massage correct "Deep-Tissue, as opposed to the Swedish techniques, targets the deeper layers of the muscle" ?is it correct Deeper Layers of the Muscles are targeted ?
True or false to perform Deep Tissue you need some knowledge in anatomy ?Does Deep Tissue massage need some knowledge from anatomy ?
Is this Statement true or false " Deep tissue massage is for muscles and, relief so we must identify every muscle that needs works" ?Does Deep tissue work the muscles as the question states ?
True or false "deep tissue massage is not as painful as we have been made to believe."?is it remotely possible that deep tissue may not be a painful oriented massage
Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage which of these focuses more on Deeper tissues ?If there were concerns in deeper layers of tissue will Swedish massage not be better off than deep tissue or Deep tissue will be better than Swedish massage ?
True or False statement "you must understand that deep tissue massage doesn’t include bone massage,"?Does deep tissue massage mean bone massage ?
What do ypu lpok out for when doing a Deep Tissie massagw ?
What Tissue do You focus on during a Deep Tissue Massage ?What tissue is deep tissue massage meant to tackle the most ?

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