Welcome to your Swedish Quiz

1. EffleurageIs this statement true about Effleurage "A swedish massage technique moves in circular motion and can be used to the spread oil" ?
2. Swedish massage is a combination of hand movements LESS THAN how many ?Techniques create hand movements, how many
3. Pick The correct orderWhich techniques comes first
4. Is this statement true or false? Tapotement – Rapid and repeated stroking of the body as a techniques in massage its phythroic percussion movement.
5. Is this statement true or false "Friction – the resistances that one surface or object encounter when moving one"Is this the correct definition of friction?
7. Is this statement correct ? " Petrissage – Can be defined as a massage technique that involves rubbing the body"is this the definition of petrissage?
8. Is this statement correct"Vibration / Reeve strokes – This is a lighter friction"Is this the correct representation of vibration and reeve strokes?

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